Monday, July 21, 2014

Booksmiles #2

Sorry for the late post!  We've been all consumed with baseball games and getting ready for Disney!  We are going on Wednesday...the first time for both of my sons!

In a rare moment of down time (between two baseball games on Sunday) I was reading several picture books from the library to my four year old when we stumbled upon a book that made him laugh...a perfect #booksmiles book.

In Dan Bar-el's "Not Your Typical Dragon" Crispin is about to turn seven.  With the other fire-breathing dragons of his family looking on, Crispin is looking forward to lighting his own cake.  However, instead of fire, whipped cream comes out.  After a trip to the doctor doesn't help, Crispin runs away from his home.  Crispin meets Sir George, a young knight sent out to slay a fire breathing dragon.  In a duel, Crispin can only manage bubbles.  The two begin a friendship as Sir George tries to help Crispin with his problem.  

When they return home, their fathers engage in a duel of their own!  Crispin saves the day!  Packed with colorful, funny illustrations, exaggeration, and relatable characters (even Crispin the dragon!), this book puts a smile on your face while teaching powerful lessons!

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